Rubik's Cube – a photogrammetry tutorial.
Veröffentlicht von Roderick in Tutorials • 24.11.2010 15:54:37
In this tutorial the basic steps of a photogrammetric measurement for modeling are covered. For finding the image pose, one technique is to use passpoints to setup a local coordinate system. Once object points are measured, they can be used as auxiliary reference for aligning further images.

The XSIGNO photogrammetry software supports the manual placement of markers by using marker projections – epipolar rays – to assist in finding point correspondences. The projection of a marker in an initial view results in a line projection when changing the view.

The software exports textured models in Collada format, which is an open standard for exchanging 3D data between CAD applications. A format which is supported by popular CAD applications and interior- and home planning software.


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